Ebony M. Tutora, Founder

Queens Recognize Queens® was created by EbonyTutora with intent to create spaces for deeper connections, as well as the space to heal, recognize wholeness, and create the vibe of women authentically supporting other women.


Overcoming a background of trauma, domestic violence, and rape, she now uses the same powerful tools she learned to heal and empower other women. Her Coaching practice specializes in inner child healing, mindset mastery, meditation, and spiritual therapy.  


For Ebony,  the brand represents true women empowerment, as well as the principal of healing one's own self so you can recognize your own light, and the light of others. 



Ebony is on a mission to globally uplift 1 million women by encouraging them to love themselves (and one another) and to walk boldly and courageously in the best version of themselves. 

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